Types Of Cancer Treatments in NY

Cancer treatment involves the use of surgery, radiation, medications, and other therapies to cure, shrink, or stop the progression of a cancer. Many cancer treatments exist.

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Depending on your particular diagnosis, you may receive one treatment or a combination of several different treatments. Effective treatment coupled with early diagnosis gives cancer victims the best odds of survival. Below we discuss available treatments for some of the most common cancers.

Breast Cancer Treatment

This information is an interpretation of various studies that have been published in medical journals. The information below represents
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Endometrial Cancer Treatment

After your physician has reviewed all of your test results, he or she will offer recommendations for treatment. The four main options
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Prostate Cancer Treatment

There is a lot to think about if you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. There are also decisions to be made with your cancer
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Colon/Rectal Cancer Treatment

Options for treatment will be discussed with you by your cancer care team, after cancer has been found. There are several types of
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Cervical Cancer Treatment

Cervical cancer is described in stages, which indicate the cancer’s size, depth of invasion, how far it has spread, and how far
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Ovarian Cancer Treatment

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