Colon/Rectal Cancer Treatment in NY

Options for treatment will be discussed with you by your cancer care team, after cancer has been found.

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There are several types of treatment that are used to effectively treat colon cancer and rectal cancer:

  • Chemotherapy or radiation therapy
  • Surgery
  • Targeted therapy
  • Embolization or ablation are also options for colon or rectal cancer that is advanced 

Two or more types of colon/rectal cancer treatment may be used in succession or at the same time, depending on the stage the cancer has reached.

Refer to the section explaining what you should ask your doctor if you have been diagnosed with colorectal cancer.  Making the best possible treatment decision by consulting your doctor is, of course, important. The general state of your health will determine the type of treatment. As well as any side effects, the stage the cancer has reached, and how likely it is that the treatment will alleviate symptoms or prolong your life.

Asking for a second opinion is also highly recommending when considering all the available options for cancer treatment. This can give you more confidence to make the best possible decision, as well as gives you all the facts you need to decide. Of course, working with a highly experienced medical team is also important; one with the relevant experience and knowledge, and this can also increase your confidence during this often difficult period.

The different treatments for rectal and colon cancer are described in the first part of the section. The most common approaches and treatments for both rectal and colon cancer are then listed and described, as well as advice on which treatment might be most applicable depending on the stage the cancer has reached.

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