Get Moving To Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

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Get Moving To Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Regular exercise is great for you because it keeps you healthy and physically fit. It also slows down the aging process and protects you from certain diseases. There is a connection between lower breast cancer rates and regular exercise. This connection has been proven by studies carried out over a 20-year period. It is not completely clear how a program of regular exercise reduces breast cancer but then, you do not have to understand how the process works to enjoy it. Just start moving today and you will be taking a step in the right direction.

What the experts say

Regular physical activity regulates hormone function in the body including insulin and estrogen. It is possible that the effect of exercise on estrogen protects active women from breast cancer. It is also a fact that exercise boosts the immune system and this is a key factor. It is safe to assume that women with a strong immune system will resist most diseases including breast cancer. According to official figures, the difference in breast cancer risk between the most active and the least active women is about 25 percent. Clearly, women who exercise regularly must be doing something right.

Amount of exercise women require

There are no magic numbers here because different people exercise at different levels. The good news is that you do not need to exercise to Olympic levels to keep breast cancer at bay. Even a little exercise is better than none but the truth is that the more vigorously you exercise, the better for you. You can take up a program of moderate exercise for a start and up your game to vigorous exercise after a while. Better still, enjoy your favorite sports three times a week and you will boost your immune system and protect yourself from breast cancer.

Distinguishing between moderate and vigorous exercise

Some examples of moderate intensity exercises are brisk walking, doubles tennis, golfing and yoga. Others are dancing, softball, garden maintenance and general yard maintenance. Under the vigorous exercise category, you have swimming, jogging, running and basketball. Other forms of vigorous exercise are soccer, singles tennis, aerobic dance and fast bicycling. Note that you are supposed to do the exercises above in addition to activities that form part of your daily routine. Some of these activities are walking from your house to the bus stop, climbing a flight of steps and moving around in your place of work.

Avoid prolonged sitting

One huge advantage of regular exercise is that instead of just sitting, you are moving. This is vital because there is evidence that prolonged sitting increases your chances of developing breast cancer. Sitting for hours on end watching TV is bad for you but you can help yourself if you keep moving. Use the treadmill or exercise bike while you are watching TV. Get a workstation where you can stand instead of sitting at your desk all day. Use the stairs instead of taking the elevator and walk during your lunch break.

Finally, join a sports club and get regular exercise at least three times a week. These are some ways to beat breast cancer and they will work for you.